Site Safety Inspections

Tried and tested

At CSS our site inspection and monitoring procedures are tried and tested, and we aim to provide the highest quality monitoring services possible. Our inspections are carried out by qualified safety professionals, all with a vast knowledge in the construction industry and construction safety. This allows CSS to provide practical non bureaucratic advice and guidance, to those on site and to those at management level.

A full physical inspection of the site and workplace is carried out, this is to identify hazards and advise on the management of the associated risks. At CSS, we encourage site management to take part in the site inspection process. This allows us to take every opportunity, to affect and improve safety standards on site. This also allows us to explain in detail, the remedial actions required to control the many and varied risks found on site. Where possible our site inspections are unannounced, which allows us to see the sites as they really are.

Following the site inspection, a full detailed review of the site documentation is undertaken. This include the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan, risk assessments and where applicable written safe systems of work, inductions and attendance registers, permits and other safe systems of work. This review allows CSS staff to assess the validity of the documentation, in relation to the work activities being undertaken on site at the time of the audit.

A full written report is then produced on site. This report will at all times identify the work activity taking place, together with any issues regarding how the activity was being undertaken. This includes breaches of legislation, together with the corrective measures that are required to make improvements. All aspects of the working environment are then scored, each activity starts with 10 points. Points are then deducted for each of the issues found on site at the time of the inspection. The contents of the report is then fully explained and discussed with the site management, a signed copy of the report is then left on site.

Following the inspection the report is then scanned, copies of this site report are then sent to the relevant project management personnel. The scores are then added to our database, where management reports are then produced. These reports include, contractor monitoring league tables which can be viewed on line. These reports and tables allow clients and contractors alike, to keep track of the health and safety performance of those involved in projects. Including:

  • Average scores
  • The number of sites visited
  • Site “league tables”
  • Most common hazards or non conformances across all sites

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Safety Officer inspecting a scafftag
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