CDM Advisor

In such cases, it may be appropriate to appoint a CDM Advisor for your project. The CDM Advisor will facilitate and assist in your duties under CDM to undertake vital duties on your behalf with relation to paperwork, F10 submission and monitoring safety management arrangements throughout the project.

Construction Safety Solutions Ltd can assist you with this service and have successfully undertaken a varied range of appointments as CDM advisor. Our service incorporates the following:

  • Competency check of potential Designers and Contractors.
  • Issue of letters and appointment assistance.
  • Compiling of pre-construction information.
  • Review of project pre-construction information.
  • Design team and PD audits.
  • Full Client briefing of roles and responsibilities.
  • Submission of F10 notification to the HSE.
  • On site safety inspection audits.
  • Contractor CDM briefings.
  • Construction phase plan review.
  • Construction phase plan production.
  • Review and audit of management arrangements.
  • Assistance with producing risk assessments and method statements.
  • Assistance with review of risk assessments and method statements.
  • Attendance at design team meetings.
  • Attendance at site meetings.
  • Review of contractors O&M manuals.
  • Review of PDs Health and Safety file.
  • Assistance with production of Health and Safety file using bespoke management system.

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